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An annoying quirk about translating 2D scenes to 3D is messing up the intended perspective.

EZ3D is an After Effects Script that eases the process of turning 2D scenes to 3D and adjust their position/scale easily.

What It Does

In its essence, EZ3D automates and simplifies the 2D to 3D scene setup:

- The conversion of 2D layers to 3D

- The creation of parent null objects for each layer

- The application of transformations, including Z position changes and scale effects

How It Works

Rig: With a simple click, this will transform your selected 2D layers into 3D and create individual parent null objects for each.

Apply: Once you've set your desired Z position and scale effects, stagger the null objects based on the layer's index and adjusting the scale to maintain the visual size of each layer.

Reset: Should you wish to undo the applied transformations, this button will revert the changes, returning the layers to their original state.

Match Plane: Want all selected layers to share the same Z-plane? This button does just that, matching every selected layer to the Z position of the first one you picked.

Remove: Reverts all your layers back to their original size and then, with a swift move, deletes the parent null objects.

Help & Info: In times of uncertainty, this button will guide your way, providing a brief overview of the script's capabilities and offering contact details for further assistance.

Installing EZ3D

1. Ensure you have the EZ3DScript.jsx file.

2. Locate the Scripts Folder:

- Windows: Navigate to the Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels directory in your After Effects installation folder.

- MacOS: Go to the Scripts/ScriptUI Panels directory where After Effects is installed.

3. Copy & Paste: Drag the EZ3DScript.jsx file into the aforementioned folder.

4. Launch After Effects. Go to Window in the top menu and you should see "EZ3D" as an option. Clicking on it will activate the script's UI panel.

5. For easy access, you can dock the script UI in your preferred workspace location.

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EZ3D After Effects Script

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